So you have a great idea, one that solves a major problem. You have put in the time, tested, tinkered, and created a prototype for a product that deserves to be on shelves and checkout carts everywhere.

You’ve gone as far as you can with the knowledge and resources you have and now you need assistance to the next phase... licensing your product and connecting to your viable market.

That’s where we come in.

Trident Invents has helped successfully develop and launch dozens of products, since our founding in 2000. We have worked with hundreds of inventors and companies of all sizes, from smaller niche businesses to major brands like Philips and Stanley. We specialize in consumer products and have licensed concepts in many different industries, including housewares, electronics, toys, hardware, pet, garden, music, and more.

If you are serious and ready to take the next steps with a proven team of partners, submit your idea now. Our submissions are confidential, secure, and FREE.

Have a great idea, but do not have a license-ready product yet?

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