Bring Your Product Idea To Market. Trident Invents is an invention and technology licensing and consulting agency. We help serious inventors commercialize their best ideas and help companies bring new innovations to market.

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The Inventors Circle is a collective of serious inventors. It is constituted of idea people, people who are problem solvers. Many of our members are already successful licensors. Many are engineers, industrial designers and architects. Some are just everyday folk with a knack for invention and the will to take action. All are people who want to make money with their minds. Sign up and join the Inventors Circle now and:

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Trident Invents has helped successfully develop and launch dozens of products, since our founding in 2000. We have worked with hundreds of inventors and companies of all sizes, from smaller niche businesses to major brands like Philips and Stanley. We specialize in consumer products and have licensed concepts in many different industries, including housewares, electronics, toys, hardware, pet, garden, music, and more.






Our Process is simple. We are a licensing agency, which means we help inventors license their inventions to companies that are looking for new innovations, in exchange for a royalty, which is a percentage of the wholesale sales. We are a contingency-based, meaning we work for free, unless we secure a deal for you. Inventors and technology creators submit ideas to us through our ThinkBank™ Portal, then our team of experienced inventors and licensing agents review every idea that come in to see if it’s a good match for us. If so, we will reach out to you to come to an agreement to represent your idea for license.

The ThinkBank™ is a proprietary system we developed at Trident Invents to manage all of our own ideas so we wouldn’t lose track of them and could keep all the important information in one place. We now are making available for free to you. Upload your ideas and never lose track of an idea or associated file, note or link again. You can also submit to the Trident Invents team for consideration directly through the ThinkBank* by simply clicking a button. All our communication around your idea can occur there so it is easy to keep track of, and we can even sign an NDA (Non-disclosure confidentiality agreement) inside the portal if we determine it is necessary.


Our products have been sold, or are currently selling, in almost every major retailer. Some of our retail partners:

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The Genius Guide™ to Inventing with chris hawker

How to make money with your mind by licensing ideas.

Join Trident Invents founder, Chris Hawker, as he walks you through the invention commercialization process in this 8 video series, distilling over 25 years of inventing experience into about 1 hour. Chris is an experienced and prolific inventor, personally responsible for such hits as the PowerSquid, ProScraper and Onion Goggles, and has experience with every aspect of the process, from ideation to development and prototyping, to patenting, to presenting products for license, to managing licenses, to crowdfunding, to getting products manufactured in China and domestically, to importing and selling products on line and through retail, he has seen it all. He has been part of many successes, and also failures. Learn from his missteps and increase your own chances of success! Chris will clear the fog of confusion that can bog down many a dream, and create a clear path forward for your idea.

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Join the Inventors Circle and you will receive our monthly Innovation Challenge Newsletter, totally free. This is a monthly email with challenges issued by companies we partner with, who are looking for ideas. Submitted ideas remain your property until an agreement is reached! There is zero risk. Furthermore, if an item you submit is not selected by the partner company, our own licensing team may select it for representation, if you choose to accept them.

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