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Is Your Great Idea Next?

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If your invention looks to be ready for licensing, we will reach out and discuss the next steps and options with you.

Why Licensing With Us May Be Right For You

Trident Invents works by licensing ideas or inventions to companies looking for new ideas. For most inventors, licensing is the most cost effective and efficient way to make money with their products or invention ideas. The following are the advantages of licensing:

  • Passive Income. You earn money without effort once a license is in place, and the money can be significant.

  • Less Upfront Investment. You do not typically have to invest nearly as much to develop a concept for license as you do for starting a company to manufacture and sell your idea. In fact, for many inventors, it is the only realistic option.

  • Business Support. In order to launch a company, not only do you need a great idea and the capital to launch it, you also need business expertise, accounting knowledge, development and manufacturing knowledge, sales and marketing knowledge, and project management and logistics knowledge, just to start. The company you license an invention to will already have all this expertise, or they wouldn’t be in business.

  • Higher Chance of Success. Companies that are already established have already solved the biggest challenge in any business: getting sales. No matter how good you are, an established enterprise has an advantage.

  • Keep your day job. Starting a company is a huge project, and if successful will require multiple employees at the very least. It is not likely you will keep your day job. Start a company if you want to live the life of a company-owner. License your ideas if you want to make money from them.

We have full-time licensing agents that work to pitch winning ideas to our vast network of project manufacturers and marketing companies.

The ThinkBank™

The ThinkBank™ is custom software that we developed ourselves to manage all of the ideas that come our way, as well as our own. It is a database which keeps all the information related to an idea in one spot.

You can use the ThinkBank™ to manage all your ideas, whether you intend to share them with us or not. If you do decide to share an idea with us for consideration, you just hit submit and then we’ll be able to see it. Click here to read our detailed terms.

Ideas can be submitted in any state of completion, but we are much more apt to select ideas that are more developed, i.e. with completed CAD, patents or patents pending, prototypes and marketing presentations.

If we determine that your idea has potential to succeed, but requires more development, we can connect you with resources to get there.

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